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SHOW YOUR SMILE SOME LOVE! (porcelain veneers beavercreek)

by Lee Anne Austria on February 14, 2019 , Comments Off on SHOW YOUR SMILE SOME LOVE! (porcelain veneers beavercreek)

porcelain veneers beavercreek
That chocolate candy, conversation heart obsessed mid-winter holiday is here…yes, Valentine’s Day is once again upon us! Hallmark thanks you very much. Here are some fun facts:
-$20.7 B (yes that’s billion): Total Valentine’s Day spending projected for 2019.
-$161.96 – Average amount Valentine’s Day enthusiasts will spend in 2019.
$100.00 – Average per cost of a Valentine’s dinner out.
-$6.94 – Average amount spent by Americans on Valentine’s Day gifts for pets.
-53% of women say they would break up with their significant other if they got nothing for Valentine’s Day.
-15% of Americans plan to buy themselves a present on Valentine’s Day.
-9 million marriage proposals will be made on Valentine’s Day this year.
With all of that being said, we can help you fall in love with your SMILE!
-Want to make your smile brighter and whiter? We offer KoR™ Whitening – the latest in whitening technology and a simple and effective way to get the pearly whites you’ve always wanted.
-Are you experiencing mouth pain? It’s not a good idea to ignore it. Broken teeth can cause a misalignment in your bite, make chewing difficult, and can be unattractive. We can help with crowns, bridges, implants, and other options to give you a better smile and more confidence.
-How about improving your overall health? We can’t emphasize it enough…studies show that people who regularly care for their teeth have better health…in fact that is the theme of our practice: Complete Health Dentistry. We not only care for your teeth, we care for YOU and your overall health.
Why wait? We have three conveniently located offices and easy online scheduling. Let us help you LOVE your smile and improve your health – it’s the best gift you can give yourself!
porcelain veneers beavercreek